How we're making a difference

Education & Youth

SMV is committed over the long-term to supporting young people in Greater Bristol to achieve their goals and aspirations through education, enrichment opportunities and workplace experiences that help increase confidence and broaden horizons.

Care for Older People

Providing excellent standards of care for older people and those at disadvantage is one of our core objectives. We’re totally committed to supporting the delivery of holistic and compassionate care that improves quality of life.

Charitable Giving

Charities and community groups across the region can apply for a grant from SMV to support their important work. Our charitable funds are generated from investments that provide an annual return, alongside donations made by our members.

Social Enterprise

We’re determined to help Bristol reach its zero carbon goal by supporting businesses that create lasting social and environmental value for the region. Collaborating with community interest companies is at the heart of our work in this area.

The Clifton and Durdham Downs

With Bristol City Council, SMV jointly owns and cares for the Downs, working together with the support and expertise of various organisations and community groups to manage and protect this precious space for the people of Bristol.

Helping communities across Greater Bristol to thrive

The Society of Merchant Venturers has a long history of supporting education and care for older people in the Greater Bristol region and our commitment to protecting the long-term future of the Downs for the people of Bristol remains as strong as ever.

Members volunteer their skills and expertise to progress our charitable work, which today extends beyond our role in education, our support for young people, and our responsibility to provide excellent standards of care for older people. We’re also collaborating with many other organisations to improve opportunities for everyone, through mentoring programmes, social enterprise and charitable giving.