Our Members

Our members share a determination to make Bristol a better place for everyone who lives and works here; and we expect them to make an active contribution in pursuit of that goal.

With just under 80 members who between them represent a broad number of industries, we leverage their skills and expertise to support our charitable work. In an average year, members contribute over 10,500 combined voluntary hours, for example as committee members, school governors and trustees. Members also support specific projects being delivered by SMV, for example in education, as mentors for young people and by offering high-quality work experience and apprenticeship opportunities through their businesses.

Because we ask our members for a significant commitment in terms of time and expertise, we look for individuals who are successful in their chosen career and already actively involved in voluntary activity across the region. We also ask our members to make financial donations on an annual basis to support our charitable giving work, allowing SMV to support over 100 local charities in an average year.

To coordinate SMV’s work across our five main areas of focus, namely education, care for older people, charitable giving, social enterprise and managing the Downs, we have sixteen committees and sub-committees that meet regularly to develop and implement our strategic aims. Much like a board of directors, we have a ‘standing committee’ to oversee SMV’s activities. Elected by the wider membership, the standing committee has 15 members, with the most senior being the Master, supported by a Senior Warden and a Junior Warden. The term of office for these three senior roles is one year in each position, commencing on Charter Day in November when all members of SMV vote to elect a new leader for the year ahead.

All our work in education, care and charitable giving is regulated and assessed by official bodies including the Department for Education, Ofsted, the Regional Schools Commissioner, the Education and Skills Funding Agency, the Charity Commission, the Care Quality Commission and Bristol City Council. You can find out which organisations we’re accountable to across our core activities by clicking here.

Our Leadership Team