SMV Charity helps Unique Voice to fund Easter holiday club

Unique Voice seeks to offer free activities for children and young people from across Bristol in every school holiday throughout the year, prioritising places for children who are affected by disadvantage or who are vulnerable in any way.

The not-for-profit organisation focuses on the positive influence of the arts in bringing people together, providing respite and positively affecting mental health, providing a safe and supportive environment for young people to play, make new friends and learn new skills.

Unique Voice applied to SMV for a grant of £2,690 to fund a holiday club during the Easter break for vulnerable young people living in Hartcliffe, Whitchurch and Hareclive.

To illustrate the impact of the programme, Sophie Scott, Community Manager for Unique Voice, described the experience of one child who, from day one, displayed extremely negative and disruptive behaviour.

Instead of separating him from the group, he was given a huge responsibility in the role of Project Director and the shift in his behaviour was considerable. He rose to each challenge with focus and passion, treating his peers with respect.

He ended the week by proving himself to be an integral part of the group’s creative process, leading the final performance with an original and very impressive rap – to great applause!