March 1, 2016

665 – Colston’s Girls’ School Receives Highest Number of First-Choice Applications in Bristol

Colston’s Girls’ School has received the highest number of first-choice applications in Bristol.

A total of 363 families put the academy in Cheltenham Road as their top preference when applying for Year 7 places for September.  The secondary school also notched up 184 second preferences and 118 third preferences.

Most of the 140 girls sent offers on March 1st were selected by random allocation. Applications come from across the greater Bristol area and the school uses a fair banding system to ensure a comprehensive intake.

A spokesperson for the school said: “We are delighted that more and more families want their daughters to attend our school. Our students at all levels make the best progress in the city and word of their success is obviously spreading. We are committed to inspiring young women in their curiosity and their learning, nurturing them and supporting them to develop resilience and achieve their ambitions.”