January 24, 2018

A Whale Of A Time For Colston’s Lower School!

Pupils from Colston’s welcomed a very unusual visitor this week. Plasticus, Sky Ocean Rescue’s giant whale, is made from recycled plastic and is currently touring the UK to raise awareness of the issues of ocean health. His visit to Colston’s was the work of Year 3 pupil Yuvraj, who wrote a letter to Sky Group CEO, Jeremy Darroch, expressing his passion for the cause.

The Lower School children enjoyed an interactive assembly where they learned about the litter crisis in our oceans and heard from best-selling author Madeline Shaw about the small changes that they could make at home to minimise the use of plastic. The children were delighted to receive reusable water bottles to encourage them to stop using plastic bottles.

Plasticus was created by Sky Ocean Rescue in a bid to inspire the nation to make changes to their single-use plastic consumption. He is constructed from the amount of plastic thrown into our oceans every second around the world.

The visit highlighted to the pupils the need to act on this important issue and the small part they could play in making a big difference to ocean health.

Charles Lucas (pictured above with pupils from the Lower School), governor of Colston’s and a member of SMV, enjoyed hearing all about the children’s unusual visit. They were excited to share with him the valuable information they had learned during the day about keeping our oceans healthy.