Merchant Venturers Invite Bristol Charities to Apply for Grants

£35,000 Announced in New Awards for Local Good Causes

Bristol’s Society of Merchant Venturers is inviting local charities and good causes to apply to its Charity Committee for grants.

This call coincides with the Merchants’ quarterly announcement of awards to good causes, totalling £35,000 in new grants.

Anthony Brown, Master of the Society of Merchant Venturers said: “We are interested in receiving grant applications from a broad range of local good causes.

“Our particular focus is to support the vulnerable and disadvantaged, both old and young, and to provide assistance to education, social enterprise, culture and arts and, where possible, to meet other community needs within the greater Bristol area.

“Our grant awards are in addition to the strategic support we offer to the range of schools supported by the Merchants and our work helping towards the care of over 1,000 older people in residential homes linked to the Society.”

For further information on how to apply for funding, visit our Charitable Giving page.

Alive Activities

The Merchants are contributing £3,000 to the cost of delivering a range of stimulating and entertaining workshops within care homes to improve the quality of life for older people in residential care.

Avon Riding Centre for the Disabled

A grant for £3,000 is being made towards the cost of subsidising riding lessons for disabled children and adults.

Bristol Community Dance Centre

A contribution of £3,000 is being made towards the cost of repairs to this attractive community dance centre in Hotwells. This includes repairing the lantern space in the building. This grant is conditional on the Centre being able to raise funding to meet the full cost of repairs.

Bristol Muslim Cultural Association

The Merchant Venturers are donating £1,000 towards supporting the Association’s annual cultural ‘fayre’.


A grant of £3,000 is being made towards the cost of providing arts based activities, including mentoring for young people during the summer months, targeting those not in education, employment or training.

Empire Fighting Chance

The Merchants are contributing £4,000 to provide one-to-one mentoring and coached boxing sessions. This innovative charity supports young people, increasing their self-esteem and aspiration, reducing the risk of their involvement in violence and gangs.

The Harbour

A contribution of £2,000 towards the cost of initial assessment for older people at The Harbour, which provides counselling and psychotherapy free of charge to people affected by a life-threatening illness. The initial assessment offers immediate support for people in crisis, identifying the ongoing support that is required.

Knowle West Children’s Centre

The Merchant Venturers are contributing £3,000 towards the cost of creating a wildlife sculpture park in the heart of Leinster Avenue. This will be used as a vehicle to help engagement with parents and children, providing additional education and support.

Knowle West Health Association

The Merchants have awarded £3,000 for “grow and cook” sessions held at allotments in Knowle West. Adults and children are invited to engaging sessions covering growing and cooking their own food, with surplus produce going into a local vegetable box scheme.

Walking the Chains

The Merchants are providing £5,000 towards funding a theatre production to celebrate 150 years of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, telling the story of its construction. This award is conditional on full funding being obtained.

Community Self Build – £5,000

As part of their long-term support for this project, the Merchant Venturers are making a further £5,000 grant to the Community Self-Build project in Bedminster. This covers funding for the training costs for the 12 ex-service personnel taking part in the second community self-build project.

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