Merchant Venturers Support Range of Local Good Causes

Good causes across the West of England have received financial support from the Society of Merchant Venturers.

Recent grants have been made to a range of good causes, including a £5,000 award for the Bristol Cultural Development towards the cost of producing a book on the impact of the Great War.

The Bristol Cultural Development Partnership is planning a year of events to commemorate the outbreak of WW1. The Society is contributing towards the production of a history of the impact of the Great War on Bristol. It is planned that the book will provide the focus for this year’s Great Bristol Reading Adventure and that it is distributed free. Schools and local organisations will be urged to take part.

The Merchant Venturers significant contribution to charities and good causes in South Bristol is again evident in the recent announcements. A grant of £2,000 is being made to the 2nd Chance project based at the Park in Knowle West. This grant contributes towards the cost of subsidising an Apprenticeship programme, creating employment for young people

An additional £3,000 has been committed to Off the Record, a charity providing support for the mental health and well being of young people in Bristol. The funding will be used to contribute towards outreach activity in a number of areas around the city, including Lawrence Weston and Hartcliffe.

A further £3,000 grant is being made to the Southville Community Development Association, contributing to towards the costs of funding outings and activities.

Amongst many further good causes receiving grants is the Blue Trust (£3,000) towards the cost of extending the support service for fathers affected by post-natal depression. The Lord Taverners (£1,128) towards the costs of the Bristol heat of the National Table Cricket Competition for 2014. Trinity Arts Limited (£2,000) funding to help support the charity through a period of change and development of the building in Old Market used as an arts and community centre.

Mr Anthony Brown, The Master of the Merchant Venturers said: “We work closely with communities across the West of England and support a broad range of local good causes.

“Our work is guided by a commitment to contribute to the prosperity and wellbeing of the greater Bristol area. We are motivated by the desire to enhance the quality of life for local people, particularly supporting the young, older people and disadvantaged.”

Applications for funding can be put forward to the Charity Committee. Anthony explains: “Our Charity Committee considers applications from organisations addressing a broad range of social issues, whether care for the elderly, tackling homelessness, poverty or the prevention of crime. We are also interested in supporting healthcare projects and the Arts.”

For further information on The Society of Merchant Venturers and how to apply for funding please visit to download an application form.