Venturers’ Academy featured in the SSAT

Two members of staff from Venturers’ Academy have achieved the wonderful accolade of having an article they co-authored published in the SSAT Journal. The SSAT (schools, students and teachers network) is a well-respected membership organisation for schools and academies from across the UK and globally.

Teachers Ben Tier and Hollie Blunt researched and wrote a fascinating article entitled ‘Laying the foundations for a physically active lifestyle’ about the significance of an inclusive PE curriculum for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Condition.

Their article stated that in comparison to their neurotypical peers, children with autism are at increased risk of non-communicable diseases, obesity and mental health issues over the course of their lifetime. However, it is increasingly well documented that physical activity can mitigate these poor health outcomes.

In response, Venturers’ Academy has developed a pilot project between the occupation therapy team and the PE department. Ben and Hollie detailed the aims of the project which are to:

  • improve the foundational motor skills for all children in key stage 1 and 2
  • increase children’s self-esteem and motivation for physical activity
  • prepare students for sports-specific learning and lifelong activity and exercise.

As a child’s two main environments are home and school, Ben and Hollie noted that further research has highlighted the importance of supporting parents to increase physical activity within their child’s daily routine. Moving forwards, the project aims to offer workshops and courses to support parents to recognise the importance of foundational motor skills and offer strategies on how to include these as part of their normal routines. You can read the full article by Ben and Hollie here:

SSAT Journal Summer 2023_Venturers’ Academy