A transparent history of Bristol

The transatlantic slave trade undoubtedly played a significant role in the growth of Bristol during the 18th century.

Today, Bristol continues to struggle with its past and with the profile of Edward Colston within the city. We must address and acknowledge Bristol’s historic connection to the slave trade in a way that is illuminating and meaningful.

We can learn valuable lessons from our past that will enable us to build a strong, fair and united future for Bristol, a city proud of its diversity and inclusivity, whose citizens stand together against racism and inequality.

We can help to eradicate modern-slavery by educating young people about the abhorrence of slavery, both past and present, ensuring that they are confident, equipped and prepared for the responsibilities they have as global citizens to make brave decisions and to shape the future.

SMV is actively working with others across Bristol who share our commitment to improve the quality of life for all by making Bristol a place of equality and inclusion. We’re listening carefully and learning from the many discussions and debates that are taking place across the city to explore the most effective ways to accurately remember and appropriately acknowledge Bristol’s connection to the slave trade.