Sporting Family Change Foundation

Sporting Family Change uses sport to empower, inspire and motivate local families in the Bath and North East Somerset area to make long-term healthy lifestyle changes, as well as building family resilience, raising aspirations and helping the families fulfil more of their potential to move forward with their lives.  As well as working with some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable families in the area, they also focus on family mentoring, sporting opportunities and social activities for local young adults with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and long term medical conditions to alleviate social isolation.

In early 2018, SMV awarded a grant of £4,760 for a 40 week fitness/gym programme to support local parents, many of whom are single, to become more active, healthy and physically fitter.  Many are vulnerable, on low incomes, and face social isolation mainly due to poverty.  The programme supported 20 people by providing transport from their home to the training suite, building their trust and confidence through creating an environment of equality with staff exercising alongside participants.  Some parents have not left the house for some due to anxiety issues and panic attacks, but over time there was a noticeable increase in self-esteem and confidence.  Individuals developed a sense of pride in their achievements which led to raised aspirations and a sense of belonging with a strong sense of peer support.  Friendships between participants have also developed with some now meeting socially outside the project.