Summer School at the Tobacco Theatre

Tobacco Factory Theatres (TFT) is one of the most unique and well-loved theatre spaces in Bristol. A creative hub for the community in south
Bristol, TFT launched a Capital Redevelopment Project to raise £1.6 million to completely transform the current space, creating a new studio
theatre and upgrading existing facilities. The project aimed to significantly enhance TFT’s educational and developmental opportunities for people
of all ages, in particular benefitting over 3,000 young people per annum. TFT felt strongly that its own mission ‘to reach Bristol communities and
enrich the education of children and young people’ aligned with SMV’s objectives and so they approached the Society for a charitable grant.
£25,000 helped to fund the development of a brand-new studio theatre: the 84-seat Spielman Theatre, a multi-purpose space that is also used
for weekly youth theatre sessions, doubling weekly attendees from 75 to 150.

Overall, the development will accommodate an additional 387 performances each year, welcoming 30,000 artists, audiences and
users locally and regionally.