Triangular Sports Tournament

The Triangular Sports Tournament, an annual event that sees three Bristol secondary schools competing against each other in a series of sporting competitions, took place at Merchants’ Academy in Withywood on 22nd June.

Well over 100 students from Merchants’ Academy, Montpelier High School (MHS) and Collegiate brought their A-game, with all three schools scoring at least two victories each. Merchants’ Academy triumphed in Girls Netball and Badminton; MHS took home the gold in Girls Rounders and Basketball; while Collegiate secured the top spot in Boys Softball, Basketball, Badminton and Mixed Badminton, with a clean sweep in the Tug of War contest. During the evening, 68 students attended a celebratory event held at Merchants’ Hall.

Caroline Duckworth, SMV’s Treasurer, said: “The Triangular Sports Tournament is a fantastic opportunity for students from across Bristol to come together in a friendly competition. Every year, the team spirit runs high and new friendships are made. Everyone who took part should feel very proud of their achievement.”